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Staying Compliant in an Ever-Changing Regulatory Environment

Staying proactive on regulatory requirements is a full-time job with rules and regulations rapidly changing and expanding. Let us help you be compliant and mitigate your risks and liabilities.

A few of our regulatory focuses include:

  • COBRA Administration: Many employers are not aware of COBRA requirements when on-boarding new employees.

  • WRAP Documents: A very common area on non-compliance. Do you have a properly formatted list of all benefit offerings available upon the request of an employee or in the event of an audit?

  • Sexual Harassment Education Requirements: Have your employees taken the proper training course?

  • Affordable Care Act: Are you above or below 50 full-time equivalent employees?

  • Medicare: Are you aware of the letter that needs to go out once a year?

  • ERISA & DOL: Does your retirement plan pass nondiscrimination testing?

We are constantly dissecting articles and publications, tuning into webinars, and attending events to stay up-to-date on regulatory changes. Leverage our knowledge to sleep better at night feeling confident you are in good standing.